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What Other Dentists Say About Us

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Tom Kang for the last five years, and have witnessed, time and again, a high measure of success for my patients. Dr. Kang's collaborative treatment planning approach, meticulous commitment to surgical excellence, broad knowledge of present day and historical research, and desire to support his patients through education and communication have made him my "go to" periodontist in the greater Puget Sound area. " A passion for Periodontics" is what I think of when picturing Dr. Kang, a surgeon committed to the very best and demanding the same of himself. One might ask, "Would you send your mother to Dr. Kang?"  I already have, twice. Thanks for all you do, Tom.

- Dr. Paul Huddleston, Paul Huddleston, DDS and Associates

While Dr. Kang receives stellar reviews from all of the patients I refer to him, the strongest example of his clinical skills and integrity was my experience assisting him as he treated my father. My father is a true dental phobic who can be difficult to manage, leaving me apprehensive to have comprehensive treatment without sedation. With Dr Kang's excellent chairside manner, my father felt relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Kang performed a sinus lift and placed two implants with little post-op discomfort. I have restored the implants and my father can now chew on his left side for the first time in years. Both of us are truly grateful for Dr. Kang and highly recommend him.

- Dr. Naguib Youssef, Affinity Dentistry

As a leading cosmetic dentist in the Seattle area for over 20 years I am very protective of the excellent reputation of my office and my staff. I work with the finest master ceramist in the country. My team members and the specialists that I work with are the best because cause the care they extend my patients reflects as much on me as it does on them. When I met Tom I recognized immediately the fire and passion for implant dentistry that I wanted associated with my team. Four years and a thousand implants later, he has never disappointed me. Tom is not only my go to periodontist, but the only one I trust my patients' care to. Simply the best.

- Dr. Brian Mckay

I have worked with Dr. Kang for a number of years and have found Dr. Kang and his office to be very accommodating to our mutual patients. I praise Puget sound Periodontics on their thoughtfulness, thoroughness, kindness, and pain free dentistry that they provide in the greater Seattle area. In particular, I sent a personal friend (whom I have know for 12 years) who had an accident to Dr. Kang for a dental implant. The implant and tooth turned out to be perfect and my friend was very pleased with Dr. Kang's ability to help him in his time of need.

- Dr. Matt Pavlovich

Dr. Tom Kang's talent and expertise in treatment planning and placing dental implants is unsurpassed. How good is he? When I broke off my front tooth, I went to him!

- Dr. Bob Hughes, Hughes Dental Group

I have known Dr. Kang for a couple years, now. I have found him to be both personable and professional, a rare combination and a real treat. Communication is his strong point, letting me know my patient's treatment plan with consideration for my input, the reasoning behind his decisions, and a very practical approach to implementation of the plan. My patients come back delighted with their experience at Tom's office. His willingness to be flexible and even try the most conservative approach was manifested in my own mouth, as I am a very trusting patient as well as a referring dentist. Dr. Kang is a "good guy" with a state of the art facility, as well as being an excellent technician. I couldn't recommend him and his office more confidently.

- Dr. Mike Farley, Precision Dental Care

We have been working with Dr. Thomas Kang since we opened Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry in 2008. His superior clinical skills and kind, engaging demeanor allow him to give our patients the five-star experience they expect from us, as well as from the practitioners we work with. In fact, Dr. Kang is not only the periodontist of choice for our patients, but for our own staff, family, and friends as well. We can always trust Dr. Kang to take exceptional care of our patients!

- Dr. Evy Kollia, Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry

Establishing a relationship with a specialist's office that yields the highest level of patient care requires a positive patient experience, excellent communication, and confidence in treatment. I have had the privilege of working with Drs. Kang and Suzuki and their team at Puget Sound Periodontics for many years now and this is exactly why I choose to work with them. From the patient's initial contact with their front office, to the surgical treatment and post-op care with Drs. Kang and Suzuki, our patients are provided with an outstanding treatment experience. Their prompt communication with me and thorough treatment reports allow me to efficiently and effectively monitor the progress of our patients and maintain continuity of treatment. Drs. Kang and Suzuki's complete and comprehensive surgical treatment always considers my restorative needs which allows for consistently successful and esthetic results for our patients. They have earned my confidence in referring to Puget Sound Periodontics and I look forward to working with them in the future.

- Dr. Will Kenner

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Kang and collaborating with him on patient care for over four years. He is a caring, competent professional and provides excellent care for his patients. Dr. Kang has treated members of my family and staff, as well as many of my patients, and the feedback is always positive. He is a great asset to the First Hill, Federal Way, and Greater Seattle dental community.

- Dr. Bobby Cohanim, Smileworks Orthodontic Clinic

Dr. Kang's knowledge and skill in the field of Periodontics is exceptional. I highly recommend him to all my patients, friends, and family.

- Dr. Kevin Choi, Endodontics Northwest

Dr. Tom Kang:  Professional, experienced science-based treatment, wonderful people skills, great sense of humor....what more could you want in a periodontist?

- Dr. Vic Barry, Dental Care Seattle

What can we say about Drs. Kang and Suzuki, but that they are simply amazing! Here at Nordlie’s Family Dentistry, we strive to be a personal, family oriented office where our patients feel comfortable, welcome and like they are part of our family. We feel the same about Puget Sound Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. Dr. Kang, Dr. Suzuki and all the staff are wonderful at making patients feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. Patients experience superior, quality care and treatment that exceeds our expectations. We refer patients to them with complete confidence and trust, knowing that they emulate what we strive for, creating a symbiotic relationship between our two offices that builds patient-centered care and confidence in the dental experience. Drs. Kang and Suzuki and everyone at Puget Sound Periodontics are, hands down, the best!

- Dr. Mark Nordlie

I expect consistent and predictable results, and Dr. Kang always delivers. He's a thorough and compassionate clinician, who takes time to make sure patients understand their treatment. My patients adore him and I always know they're in good hands with Dr. K.!

- Dr. Steve Dodobara

I am confident and happy to refer patients to Drs. Kang and Suzuki. Their office and staff are always easy to work with, from scheduling to follow up. They handle my patients with care, respect and professionalism. Their communication is always prompt and thorough, and their clinical abilities are outstanding. My patients always return to my office with the highest complements, and I have no reservations recommending and referring to their office.

- Dr. Kyle Beffa

Thomas Kang and Kevin Suzuki are a real asset for my general practice! I enjoy their high tech and high touch approach. Our patients have accepted treatment and the results are something to smile about.

- Dr. Mike Higashi, Second and Vine Dental

I received the exact part I needed from the Nobel rep today, thanks to you.  I have never worked with a specialist as committed as you are, Tom.  Your patients and the referring doctors are going to stay with you for long time!

 - Dr. Kalman Klass

Dr. Kang is a very highly skilled surgeon who cares as much about overall patient comfort as providing the absolute best state-of-the-art treatment.  He and his staff are both compassionate and pay incredible attention to detail.  It is truly a pleasure to work with such an amazing professional. 

- Andrea M Fonner, DDS