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Periolase MVP -7

Periolase MVP 7 Machine

Not all lasers are created equal. The pyramid of effectiveness hierarchy puts Periolase MVP-7 as the kingpin of all lasers. It is the next generation of the rapidly transforming landscape of periodontal treatment methods. Periolase has transformed the way periodontists treat advancing gum disease. The unique ability of the laser to target gum disease causing bacteria allows the laser to focus purely on diseased tissue yet completely sterilizes the environment allowing your own body a fighting chance to begin regeneration.

The Periolase MVP-7 is the 7th and the latest generation of the gum disease treatment technology. The 6-watt running variable pulsed Nd:YAG dental laser is upgraded with digital technology that allows pinpoint controlled delivery of laser energy. 7 pulsed durations – the most of any type of dental laser – allows this machine the most robust and complete treatment repertoire.

Target use: Periodontal disease, aggressive periodontal infection, failing implants, gum pocket regeneration