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Orthodontic Treatment Assistance

Orthodontics, like many dental specialties, is evolving to allow patients to have greater flexibility in choosing the treatment plan that is appropriate for them. Adjunct procedures completed by Dr. Thomas Kang, Dr. Kevin Suzuki, Dr. Allen Liu and Dr. Shoko Sato help to allow their orthodontic treatment partners to achieve ideal results in a more predictable and efficient manner.

Types of Procedures Offered

  • The placement of skeletal anchorage pins and skeletal anchorage plates to allow the orthodontist to achieve ideal tooth movement without sacrificing the position of other teeth.

  • Skeletal anchorage pins are appropriate for shorter movement, while plates are appropriate for movement over longer distances.

  • Piezosurgical techniques that include bone grafting help facilitate the swift movement of teeth through bone, sometimes allowing treatment to be completed in less than half the time that normal orthodontic treatment would take. Because bone grafting is completed as part of this procedure, the final bone profile is usually healthier than otherwise possible. This procedure is sometimes called Wilkodontics® or Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics™ (AOO™). Dr. Kang works with area orthodontists, Leone and Vaughn Orthodontics and Dr. Bobby Cohanim, on these types of treatments.