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A Message from Dr. Suzuki


My name is Dr. Kevin Suzuki.  I have been involved in patient care since 2006 and had the opportunity since 2010 to partner and work with the best periodontal practice in the greater Seattle area. Throughout my career in periodontology and oral biology I have come to understand that periodontal health is the foundation for good dental and systemic health.  As a periodontist I am in the unique position of developing this foundation for long term dental health with my patients, an endeavor which I find both challenging and rewarding. 


Periodontology is a field I have grown to develop a deep passion and interest in.  You might even say it is in my genes.  I come from a dental family where my father is a university professor, chairman, program director, and practitioner of Periodontology while my mother has served as a dental assistant and periodontal practice manager.  I view my work as a Periodontist as a personal commitment to the profession of health care.  I treat colleagues and my family afflicted by periodontal conditions.

Dr. Suzuki and other volunteers outside a local mobile dental clinic treating the underserved in Seattle / King County.


Throughout my training I have been taught, when working in partnership with a patient, each person will not care how much you know until he or she knows how much you care.  It is my mission to provide individualized care to each patient I interact with as if you were a member of my family (because here at Puget Sound Periodontics that is how we see each patient).   I wake up each morning excited about my field and look forward to seeing the people that I work with every day.  It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you.  I look forward to meeting you in person at a future visit where we can work together to best address your concerns and oral health needs.


Yours in health,


Kevin Suzuki, DMD, MS